The great cuisines of the world were not created in lush palaces in giant cosmopolitan centers, but in places very much like Kansas City. Rich culinary traditions were formed in medium sized cities, in the heartland of various countries, with access to farmland, forests and prairies. In Italy, this was in Parma, Modena and Bologna in Emilia-Romagna; in Mexico it was in places like Oaxaca and Puebla; in France, it was in Lyon and Dijon in Burgundy. We believe that Kansas City is in a prime position to develop a cuisine that speaks to its people, celebrates the bounty of our region, and can be unique and special. The food at the Rieger Hotel seeks to move in this direction.

We believe our food compliments the look and ambiance of the space, the style of service, the feel of the Crossroads neighborhood and the history of the Rieger Hotel building itself. The menu is approachable, rustic, soulful and delicious. We are proud to focus on quality ingredients, sound techniques, and connections between where our food comes from, the people who prepare and serve it, and the guests who come to enjoy it. We source the best local, seasonal ingredients and highlight the excellence and uniqueness of many of these products.

Whether you’re a young couple that just wants a snack at the bar, a family on a budget, a group of adventurous eaters with exotic tastes and huge appetites, or executives on an expense account, we have something for you. The dining experience at the Rieger is fun and comfortable, and our menus echo that experience.